Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Nortech Trinity and its partners develop industrial digitalization technologies, invest in such products and improve the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics environment. We provide full range of system integration services.

Nortech Trinity has partner agreements with the world's leading manufacturers of security systems and has all the necessary licenses and certificates for providing complex integration services.

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Advanced Technology

We work closely with our Customers throughout all the stages of the project and guarantee the required result, which makes our Customers our Partners for years.

Targeted Industry & Services

1) Oil and Gas

Nortech Trinity and its partners with the help of robots specifically Teleoperation of unmanned drilling and production platforms, remote operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), under-water welding, welding robots for double hulled ships and under-water manipulator can help facilitated smooth transition of offshore rigs from shallow waters to ultra-deep waters in modern time. Some of the key problems which can be solved by the use of our technology are:

Offshore Services

  • Platform Structure Inspection
  • Single Buoy Mooring Inspection
  • Submerged Cable Inspection
  • Submerged Pipeline Inspection
  • Pipeline Survey
  • Offshore Installation Support

Pipelines Services

  • Pipeline Inspection & Monitoring
  • Intelligent Pigging

2) Metallurgy and Mine Sector

We promote readymade industry solutions in predictive analytics and data analysis, tech processes optimization, machinery and floor staff monitoring to increase efficiency, reduce operational cost, automation of the entire plant and to improve safety, health and security of the mines, plant etc.

3) Infrastructure

This sector includes Airport, Sea Ports, Smart Cities, Highways, Railways, Metro and Roads. Nortech Trinity provides solutions to maintain a stable and safe operation. By using Nortech’s Tech you can automate various processes like

  • monitoring and maintaining the database on the movement of trains, airplanes, ships, buses in real time.
  • Automatic determination of the direction of movement of the composition
  • Determination of the degree of filling of tanks, etc
  • Elimination of risks of fires and explosions.

4) Protection against UAVs(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

We offer a ready-made solution for detection of UAVs and counteraction to them of our own development and production.

5) Agriculture

We provides solution which helps farmers in identifying what, where and when is best suited for their crops. Our solutions also help sustain and maintain normal ecosystem.

6) Power

Our technology can help Power Companies in Dam Inspection, Inspection for Radiation Leak, Thermal Plant Tank Inspection.

7) Scientific Institutions

Research Institutes, Environmental Panels, Think-Tanks, Geologist and many other may get benefit by using our tech. Our Tech can help them in

  • Environment Monitoring
  • Toxicity
  • CTD
  • Effluent Monitoring
  • Radiation Mapping
  • Oceanographic Sampling
  • Seismic survey & Bathymetry
  • Archaeological Survey

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