Maritime and Dredging

India has a maritime heritage that dates back thousands of years and has heavily influenced the evolution of Indian society. However in independent India, the sector has never received the kind of attention it has in the last two years.

  • The government has launched a number of major initiatives such as the Sagarmala project, ports modernization, Inland Waterways & Coastal Shipping development.
  • To modernise existing port infrastructure and create new ones, to promoting green energy, IT development.
  • Project Green Ports’ focuses on sustained growth from an environmental perspective. It aims to install 160.64 megawatts of solar and wind based power systems at all the major ports.

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Nortech Trinity is looking forward to represent companies, who have expertise in following areas:

Ports & Harbors

  • Dredging- Capital Dredging, Maintenance Dredging, Underwater Drilling & Blasting for Hard Rock.
  • Security and Surveillance of Ports with Nortech’s technology expertise in AI, IOT.
  • Automation of the port thus making ports more operation and energy efficient.

Subsea Services

  • Seabed interventions for gas and oil pipelines and cable installations, Trenching & backfilling, Rock installation and ballasting, Pile driving & Installation, Reef Construction, Sewing and Laying of Geotextile, Gabion Installation and Construction.

Marine Infrastructure

  • Rock Revetment Works, Breakwater, Jetty Construction, Diking, Quarrying and Rock Transportation.

Nortech’s Additional Services Includes:

  • Commercializing of technology.
  • To invest and participate in projects and companies independently or in partnership with real and legal persons.
  • To participate in governmental and non-governmental tenders and bids

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