Working to become an international name in this industry, Nortech Trinity is in the process of partnering advanced desalination, sewage and wastewater treatment companies.

Nortech Trinity Group has committed to enter into water treatment projects, spanning the full range of services for the water cycle: waterworks, fresh water, Drinking water, sewage, wastewater, Recycled water reuse.

Nortech Trinity is looking forward to serve following industries:

  1. Municipal Corporations
    Nortech Trinity is willing to work with companies who are having filtration technology that effectively treats local source water to electro dialysis that desalinates brackish water. The municipal water treatment solutions include discharge safe, treated water, and discover new reuse opportunities.
  2. Petrochemical plants and refineries: Nortech Trinity wants to collaborate with companies having expertise in water treatment solutions (desalination, recycle water) for onshore conventional and unconventional oil & gas field.
  3. Mining Industry: Mining industry has been facing water and wastewater treatment challenges for years. The demand for more efficient and more economical water supply is substantially increasing, and mining water treatments are needed. Nortech Trinity is willing to partner companies who can provide solutions to mining industry such as :-
    • Ground water treatment
    • Seawater desalination
    • Zero discharge systems
    • Pipeline design and supply
    • Mine dewatering design
    • Water reuse and recycling
    • Discharge regulations compliance
    • Effective mine water balance
  4. Power Plants Power Plants are one of the biggest consumers and polluters of water. With increase in population, the energy demands are going to increase exponentially hence solutions for power plant industry for water treatment is essential. Nortech Trinity is actively searching to partner a company who can provide water treatment solutions for power plants such as:-
    • Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals & Services
    • Industrial Desalination Technology
    • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
    • Industrial Dust Control & Suppression
    • Heavy Metals Removal
    • Ozone and UV Water Disinfection & Purification
    • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  5. Building on that industry experience, Nortech Trininty is looking forward to offer EPC services along with operation, maintenance and commissioning for independently invested projects in the future.
    In the next few years, we will continue to improve our business presence by expanding into the Build-Transfer-Operate market and by offering an even more thorough service package, covering everything from feasibility study to commissioning to operation and management.