Zyfra is a Finnish- Russian Company specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things.

Zyfra develops industrial digitalization technologies, invests in such products and improves the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence environment to increase production efficiency and safety of the mine and manufacturing plant.

Company's key fields of industry are machinery, metallurgy, mining, oil & gas and chemical enterprises.

Zyfra offer solutions such as:

  • Zyfra MCD Plus- Real time Machine Data Collection (MCD) system that is designed to track machine operation, personnel productivity and part manufacturing progress. Its tailored reports and charts can be used to eliminate unreasonable downtime, evaluate overall equipment efficiency (OEE)and reduce production costs. Read more
  • Zyfra AI- Zyfra AI optimizes industrial processes using Deep Learning and numerical optimization methods. By applying cutting edge data science combined with industrial expertise, we provide end-to-end solutions for optimizing production speed, quality, and costs. Zyfra AI also provide safety solutions for mining and manufacturing plant.

Some of the products which Zyfra offer in various verticals are:

  • Zyfra EYE- Zyfra Eye is a Computer Vision and Deep Learning powered solution which processes raw video footage of the dashboards of non-connected industrial machines and other industrial equipment.
  • Artificial Lift- Electrical submersible pump (ESP) unit developed by ZYFRA is designed to enhance the upstream oil extraction efficiency.Read more

Zyfra in India

Nortech Trinity and Zyfra join hands in 2018. The alliance was formed to help Zyfra navigate and penetrate Indian Market. Nortech Trinity and Zyfra has agreed to work together to find opportunities in Oil and Gas sector, Mining sector, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Heavy Industries, Railways and Aviation verticals. From 2018, Zyfra has increased its revenue from USD$3 million to USD$ 26 million in Indian Market, company has set a target for USD$ 50 Million by the beginning of Financial Year 2021.

Recently, Zyfra beg a contract of ₹150 crore( USD $21 Million), Zyfra will offer technology and expertise to state-run Modern Coach Factory (MCF) to help execute a ₹150 crore( USD $21 Million) contract to build international standard coaches for metro trains.

For more details, Please visit Zyfra website.